Girl shoe swap uk I need L1 (junior) - R11-11.5

My daughter wears afo on left foot so we need left shoes bigger than right, just bought size 1 PLAE school shoes, was hoping they would fit both feet but right is way to big, could do with finding someone who has AFO size 1 on right foot and 11-11.5 on left foot so we could each buy a size and then swap the opposite one.

Shoe sizing system: UK
Your own left shoe size: 1
Your own right shoe size: 11.5
Your ideal shoe swapping buddy has the opposite shoe sizes to you. Please select their sizes and fitting in the fields below. : This is a hint to help complete this form.
Left - shoe size: 11.5
Right - shoe size: 1
Do you also have spare mismatched pairs or single shoes to offer? If so, how many?: 0
Your child's age: 6
How much do you typically spend on shoes?: per pair $/£/€ 40-80
Does he/she use any orthotic support?: Orthosis, brace or splint
Why are your child's feet special?: He/She has hemiplegia
Preferred modes of contact:
Through Shoewap (email notification)
Listing created Feb 9, 2018

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